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Excellent women - Barbara Pym

I know there are worse ways of dealing with stress than falling asleep, but it's so damn inconvenient.


I'm still enjoying the writing, though as Peregrinations said, there are moments throughout where I feel a tad out of my depth; comments made that I suspect are going over my head.


The one thing that's stopped me in my tracks was is this comment by Mrs. Napier:


'Oh, God, yes! You'd hate sharing a kitchen with me.  I'm such a slut,' she said, almost proudly.


I'm certain she's not commenting on her proclivities for bedroom activities on the dining table, but rather commenting on her low standards for cleanliness.  But it's still a very, VERY jarring use of the word slut, and one I've never seen used anywhere else in writing set in post WWII.  


Did this surprise anyone else?