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I Can't Remember the Title but the Cover is Blue

I Can't Remember the Title But the Cover is Blue - Elias Greig

Definitely a bandwagon book; a riff on The Diary of a Bookseller that isn't nearly as good as the original.  But it wasn't bad, either.  A few of the entries were, I think, not only very Australian specific, but very micro-culturally specific to the pocket of Sydney where the bookshop is located.  I had to ask MT to clarify the meaning of a few phrases, and there were a few that stumped even him.  (An alternative explanation, as the author is a Ph.D student in Literature, is that the references were to very high brow titles that sailed over both our heads).  


Most of the entires made me despair for humanity and civility in general, but there were some hilarious crackers.  One entry in particular made me laugh out loud until I teared up.  Unfortunately, the ratio of the funny/warn-hearted entries to just the 'eh' ones was not strong enough to bump my rating.  Not bad at all, but not a shining star either.