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Murder at an Irish Wedding (Irish Village Mystery, #2)

Murder at an Irish Wedding - Carlene O'Connor

I received this for fee at Bouchercon, and I'm pretty sure I met and liked the author.  Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the book.


It's the second in the series, and I've not read the first, so maybe there's some second book syndrome at play here, but mostly, it was the MC I just didn't click with. At all.  She's pushy, nosey and for someone who claims to not being a liar, lies an awful lot, be in a lie of omission, misrepresentation, or blatant untruth.  Some writers can take a character like this and make them likeable, or grudgingly admirable, but that failed to happen with Siobhán.  She just appeared incredibly immature.  How she maintains any relationship with her love interest, a member of the local garda, when she's so blatantly disrespectful of him and his responsibilities is a wonder.


What I did like was the setting: a small Irish village, one of the few remaining that are walled.  Some of the secondary characters were charming, and the mystery plot had a lot of potential.  Actually, the mystery plot was pretty good; I didn't guess the murderer at all, so the author completely fooled me.  I also appreciate that the author does the 'right thing' at the end of the book:  Siobhán signs up for the garda (or, presumably, enrols in the proper training course).  Maturity seems to be arriving in book three, though I'll just have to take the ending of this one at face value.  My TBR is too high to take chances on reading another.


I read this for the Murder in a Small Town square in Halloween Book Bingo.