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The Unboxing, or the final reckoning (Photo heavy post)

So, the final box arrived today.  YAY!  But now it's time for the final reckoning, and I give you:


How I Spent My Summer Vacation


First the raw damage (most of it anyway, there are a couple of stacks outside of the frame):


Messy.  I sorted through them and created stacks by category.  Hopefully the titles come through legibly.


Historical Mysteries, and Golden Age Crime stories.  Highlights include Patricia Wentworth, Mary Roberts Rinehart, and Ellis Peters.  Quite a few new to me authors in these stacks too, which I'm looking forward to.  The acme of this category though - and all the others for that matter - is the 2 volume Annotated and Illustrated Sherlock Holmes containing all 4 novels and 54 short stories.  I nearly swooned when my sister (who spotted it first) passed on purchasing it herself.  Though I had to agree to leave it to her in my will.


Traditional and Cozy Mysteries.  A LOT of new to me authors here, mostly discovered at Bouchercon, either at the panels, on the giveaway tables, or in the book room.  


General fictionUrban Fantasy/Fantasy and Romantic Suspense.  I think one or two of the Pratchett books might have been orders that got commingled in, but I honestly don't remember.  The highlight of this one is the Compleat Ankh Morepork, which I'm looking forward to really looking at.  I also bought most, if not all, the books I was missing in Hearn's Iron Druid series, a few Phyllis A. Whitney titles and one old vintage title I have never heard of; could be good, could be awful.  It was a buck and I was feeling brave.


Easter-cat says "Hi - just passing through".


Non-fiction, Children's and Hardcover Upgrades.  The stack in front are hardcovers of books I enjoyed enough to upgrade.  There's also a copy of Magical Beasts and Where to Find Them, as well as my three autographed titles by Judy Blume (squee!).  The Snark Bible snuck in there; that's actually a surprise gift from my Sister in Law in Sydney who saw it and knew I had to have it, proving she's the bestests of SILs...


Now, a more organised view of the wreckage:

Not passing through this time - get OUT OF MY BEANBAG! 


Lest you think I did ALL the damage on this trip, here I am throwing MT under the bus:

Admittedly, smaller stacks - and some of them came from my participation at Bouchercon, but what damage he did do, he did at one small FOTL sale in about 15 minutes.  Now consider that when looking at these and imagine the damage he could have done at the other 6 bookshops and Bouchercon...


I was quite restrained, by comparison...   ;-)