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Hunted (Iron Druid Chronicles, #6)

Hunted - Kevin Hearne

This is one of those weird series that I thoroughly enjoy when I'm reading it, but can easily put off picking up the next book for long, long stretches of time.  However, since this book fits a number of Halloween Bingo squares, it seemed like the perfect time to get further along.


Atticus is being hunted across Europe by Diana and Artemis for his perceived crimes against Bacchus in the previous book.  All the pantheons have agreed to neither help nor hinder the chase and are using it as a form of entertainment.  Interspersed throughout are random drop-ins by Loki, recently escaped from his eternal punishment and bat-sh*t crazy.


I like the way Hearne creates an overall story arch about how the road to hell can be paved with good intentions.  Atticus' loyalty to his friends (good thing) results in the bringing about of Ragnorok (very bad thing), and now he's trying to atone for his sins.


It's a good read; fast paced, well written, and I like the characters.  For me, though I never rave over them, the Iron Druid chronicles always offer up a solid, entertaining read.


I'm using this one for the Cryptozoology Square for Halloween Bingo 2018.