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State of the Librarian: frazzled.

I'm off on holiday in a little more than 36 hours.  Nothing's packed, organised or ready.  Situation normal.


This isn't so much me doing the "I'm going on vacation" sing-song-dance as it is just a note that I won't be online much - or if I am it will be for short check-ins only, and as a result won't be pulling my weight in librarian duties for the next 3-4 weeks.


I'm not the only librarian that checks and maintains the queue, of course, but with Bingo happening and our current aggravations with the Amazon imports not working, the queue grows much faster than normal, and the other librarians don't have jobs nearly as boring as mine can be.  Please keep this in mind if you don't see your edits being approved or requests for changes going through, and please be extra patient.  They'll check in and work through what requests they can, but there might be a longer delay.


Or, it might happen faster, who knows?  Either way, it won't be me, so if you have any questions about librarian stuff, please post in the BookLikes thread, or, if you're friends with the other librarians and know they'll welcome a PM ... but the BookLikes discussion is always the safest bet.


Remember: tidy records make librarians happy.  ;-)