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Iron and Magic (Iron Covenant, #1)

Iron and Magic -  Ilona Andrews

The best news:  even though the timeline of all the books in this trilogy takes place before the final Kate Daniels, Magic Triumphs, out this month, the author has a note in the book that the actual recommended reading order for the books is:


Iron and Magic

Magic Triumphs

Iron Covenant #2

Iron Covenant #3


This is a huge relief, because no way could I put off reading the last Kate Daniels for however many years it takes for the final 2 books in this series are published.


Now, onto this book.  It was good.  Gripping, hard to put down.  But not as good as the Kate Daniels series overall.  I like Elara and I can see the redemptive possibilities in Hugh - I especially liked the authors' insight into the psychological make up of his relationship with Roland - but the two of them together... eh.  I don't get the dynamic between them and their sex scene made absolutely no sense to me.  I think I know what the authors were aiming for, but the whole thing felt schizophrenic.  Like the scene was a double exposure; two different scenes over-lapped.  The secondary characters don't feel distinctly individual either, although in all fairness it is only the first book.  I have no doubt that will change for the better.


But as I said, it's still a great story; I love, love, love Elara's power potential.  I like the twists in Hugh's power.  I love Hugh's horse.  The book is battle heavy, and sometimes a little graphic, but compelling readable.  It's not a Kate and Curran book, but it's a great read nonetheless.


I can't wait for Magic Triumphs.