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The Inner Life of Cats: The Science and Secrets of Our Mysterious Feline Companions - Thomas McNamee

I'd read the first 3 chapters on the official 1 July start date, but put it on hold because there were a couple of people who still hadn't received their copies.  Now that it seems everyone who is participating has a copy, I'm going to skim back through those chapters so I can do better updates, but so far my overall impression is favourable. 


The narrative is a mix of anecdotal, which is centered on the author's cat Augusta, and the hard science of what we know about cats so far.  The anecdotal is both delightful and stressful to me; a few of the stories he relates hurt my soul (although there's one that ends with the most delightful twist).  A section in chapter 3 I had to skim with extreme prejudice because he relates - as briefly as possible, all credit to him - a few lab studies I couldn't cope with.  But so far, I'm getting more out of it than I'd hoped for and it's obvious this man loves cats, and I like the forthright style in which he writes.