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A Book of Book Lists: A Bibliophile's Compendium - Alex Johnson

Ok, this book is cool.  It's not your typical book of 100 books to read kind of thing, but an eclectic collection of lists like Osama bin Laden's bookshelf (totally predictable, sadly), the books on Oscar Wilde's Reading Gaol bookshelf, Charles Darwin's To Be Read list.  You get the idea, but I'd like to focus on Darwin.  He had a TBR.  That he kept as a list and kept track of.  This book quotes his son Francis as saying:


"He had one shelf on which were piled up the books he had not yet read, and another to which they were transferred after having been read, and before being catalogued.  He would often grown over his unread books, because there were so many which he knew he should never read."


He also kept notes in his private journal about his TBR books, my favorite of those included in this book being:


"Read Aristotle to see whether any of my views are ancient."


I ❤️ Darwin.