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A Is for Arsenic: The Poisons of Agatha Christie - Kathryn Harkup

Life has been distracting lately, so I'm behind in my reading, but I've finished up through the Cyanide and Digitalis chapters.


The Cyanide chapter didn't offer anything startlingly new to me, but I enjoyed the refresher in chemical reactions that cause cyanide to be so deadly so quickly.  


The Digitalis chapter - and I remember this from the first read too - was more of a struggle to get through.  For some reason, chemistry fascinates me, but anatomy, not so much.  The breakdown of how the heart works should have been something to fascinate, instead I found myself fighting the urge to skim.


Harkup rewarded me though, towards the end of the chapter, with this gem:


"...a post-mortem is ordered, but Poirot doesn't bother to wait for the results.  His superior brain is capable of solving the crime before it is confirmed that a crime has even been committed."


Me thinks maybe Harkup is a Miss Marple fan?