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"All Glory to the Science Rules of Science!"

From a column in NewScientist magazine (which is, unfortunately, behind a paywall, sorry)**:


Meanwhile, chimeras are possibly the most controversial human brain surrogate. Deep ethical concerns about them have been growing. In 2017, an investigation found that tiny human brain pieces had been implanted into rats and mice, raising the hackles of bioethicists who worried about the prospect of human-like brain tissue maturing in rodents.


Suddenly, Seanan McGuire's Aeslin mice don't seem so mythical or cryptozoological. 





**(For those interested, Discover Magazine also has an article concerning the bioethics of tiny "brains" grown in a lab, with references to Ed Yong, whom the Flat Book Society members might recognise as the author of I Contain Multitudes.)

Source: http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg23831761-500-why-growing-human-brain-tissue-in-a-dish-is-an-ethical-minefield