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The Importance of Being Urnest (Maggy Thorsen mystery, #10)

Importance of Being Urnest - Sandra Balzo

This series is one of my quiet champions; nothing flashy, nothing mind-blowing, but always solid writing, intelligent plotting and biting wit.  There's nothing cutesy or trendy about this series.  I am solidly in its demographic and just enjoy the dialogue, the plotting, the friendships, even the romance (what there is of it).


This book swirls around several different events: a shoot-out that leaves Maggy's boyfriend (also the Sheriff) injured; the unfortunate death of an elderly lady who had just been in Maggy's coffeeshop; the social drama surrounding the local assisted living; a friend's new job at the mortuary and crematorium.  There's a very obvious bad guy in the mix but how it all comes together in the end was cleverly done.


I'm not sure what else I can say except I'm looking forward to more.