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Comic Sans Murder (Dangerous Type, #3)

Comic Sans Murder - Paige Shelton

I always enjoy Paige Shelton's cozies.  She write a great backdrop, mostly interesting characters, if sometimes a little, tiny bit wooden, and generally plots a decent mystery.  This is the third series of hers I've read, I think, and though I liked the characters in her ghost series better, the setting for this series is my favorite so far.  A shop that focuses on all things related to traditional printing: a replica Gutenberg press, bespoke stationary, book and typewriter repairs.  Set in a ski resort town in Utah.  It just sounds like an amazing way to earn a living.


The mystery in this one should have been obvious to me, but somehow it wasn't.  I might not have been paying attention, or it might've been just good writing on Shelton's part.  I'm inclined to give her the credit.  A solid, dependable series in the cozy genre.