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4.50 From Paddington (What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw)

4:50 from Paddington - Agatha Christie

Ah Christie, you cunning minx you.  I knew my earlier guess had low odds for being right, but I never saw that coming.  I probably should have given the book a higher rating, but it started off slow and frankly, I don't feel confident yet that Christie didn't pull a rabbit out of her hat here.  I need to let the story sit with me for awhile, and I may adjust the rating 1/2 star later.


I say it started off slow, but that's not really the case; it's much more about what happens when an original idea becomes over-used.  Witnessing a murder taking place in a passing train was likely original - or at least fresh - when Christie used it, but 60 years later it feels trite.  I'm also impatient with the idea of dismissing people because of their age.


Once Lucy Eyelesbarrow arrived on the scene though, things started to pick up.  From that point I was pretty well glued to the pages, getting lost in the setting and the characters.  And apparently allowing myself to become completely seduced by Christie's red herring.  For the record, I think my ending would have been much more twisted.


This book works for the Kill Your Darlings game card: Crime Scene: Orient Express.  (Train on the cover of my edition.)