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How to change editions

This one is for Linda Hilton - although I hope it will be helpful to everyone.


I've put off doing this particular how-to because there's a small but highly annoying flaw in the process at it stands.  It only affects books that have many editions in similar formats though, and I'll point it out when we get there.


First, to do this you must have the list view of your shelves turned on.


Underneath each title is a small "change edition" link:



Once you click on that, a small search box pops up:



Ideally, for the shortest possible process, search by ISBN or ASIN if you have it.  You can search by title/author, but you're likely to get the same kind of results you'd get if you used the general search, meaning you'll have to find the book you're looking for amongst many results.



Once you've done your search and found the book in the results, click on the book cover to see all the available editions you can switch to:



As noted in the screenshot, the green background indicates the book you currently have shelved.  I deliberately chose a book for this post that had very few editions to make it clear how to do this, so in this example, I simply click on the hardcover I want to switch to.


This is where the flaw comes in:  Imagine doing this for Pride & Prejudice.  LOTS of editions; hundreds, actually.  Notice in the screenshot that the information under each edition does NOT include the ISBN or ASIN number.  Now imagine trying to search through 500+ editions of P&P to find the one you have and being forced to rely on covers, or page numbers - both of which are highly prone to inaccuracy.  I've run into this many times and have had to go through the 'change edition' steps multiple times to find the edition I'm looking for (switching editions / checking the ISBN / not a match / repeat change edition, etc.).


BookLikes knows this is a problem and has it on the list of changes planned; I've been told it's even near the top of the list.  


Moving on... Once you find your edition, click the cover.  You'll get an "Are you sure?" message:



Click ok and wait a few beats ... you'll see your shelf update to reflect the new edition:



That's it.  Super easy unless you're trying to change editions of very popular books.  Hopefully adding ISBN/ASIN information to the editions pop-up will happen sooner rather than later.