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Fair Dinkum!

Fair Dinkum! Aussie Slang - H. G Nelson

A quick and fun read full of older photos guaranteed to make anyone cringe and possibly tarnish the world view of Aussies being buff, beautiful and glamourous.  This compendium covers just about most of the Aussie slang they're famous for, including 'Strewth!' and 'Stone the Crows!' (neither of which, by the way, I've ever actually heard used), along with a few that might not have made it across the oceans: 'chuck a wobbly' (throw a fit), or 'dinky-di' (authentically Australian, apparently).


I dinged the book a star because Nelson includes a few slang terms that are definitely not strictly Aussie:  I grew up using 'chuck a u-ey' (do a u-turn) and 'mad as a cut snake' amongst others in the collection ('In like Flynn').   I don't claim them as American, but they're definitely not quintessentially Aussie, either.


A fun surprise stocking stuffer from MT and I'm going to have fun sharing some of these terms with my friends and family back home.