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Not a Creature was Purring (Paws & Claws Mystery, #5)

Not a Creature Was Purring - Krista Davis

I didn't realise I had another book in this series to read until it arrived the other day; nor did I remember it being a Christmas themed one.  One it showed up in my mailbox, of course I had to move it up the top of the TBR pile and get it read before Christmas.


In my post about her previous book, Mission Impawsible, I complained about the additional character and the emerging love triangle.  Now, I don't know if a lot of other people felt the same way or what, but this book neither included that character nor referred to him in any way.  Davis simply acted as though Mission Impawsible never existed in the Wagtail timeline, and as things end in this book, I doubt he'll be popping back up.


The mystery was much better plotted too, although the murder a horribly sad one, something not typical of cozies.  All in all, it was a very solid cozy read with lots of effort at Christmas spirit (the murder in this one makes it hard to feel like the effort succeeded).


Not sure if I'll use this for a festive square or not, but if I do, I'll update my post accordingly.