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Mission Impawsible (Paws & Claws mystery, #4)

Mission Impawsible - Krista Davis

Not bad, but not her best.  I was in a mood today, and nothing set right with me except this book, so Davis gets huge points for that, but she's doing something weird with love interests in this series in much the same way she's done in her other one (the Domestic Diva series), that resulted in my giving up that series out of sheer frustration.  Even though I don't read mysteries for the romance, it's still annoying when the author acts as though she can't make up her mind, and Mission Impawsible smacks of a love triangle setup.  


Still, who amongst us wouldn't like to live in a town where the pets are treated as equals with their own menus at restaurants and their own play parks all over town?  The matchmaking event was an interesting concept as well, and the strong theme of animal rescue and adoption went a long way towards compensating for the odd human story line.


Not a bad read, not a great one, but definitely adequate to the needs of my grumpy self today.


Book themes for Bodhi Day:  Read a book set in Nepal, India or Tibet, –OR– which involves animal rescue.