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Aaannnddd They're Off!


There's been a bit of drama today leading up to the Melbourne Cup with a jockey injured in an earlier race leaving Thomas Hobson without a jockey until the very last minute.


They're running as I type this and it's anybody's race; the odds have been fluctuating like mad the last hour or so, with favourites coming and going and coming back again... no clear strong leaders, leaving it an open race... 


They're on the finishing stretch now and 200 meters to go and ...... it's close !!!!




Congratulations to Darth Pony and Person of Interest for picking the winning horse!!


1st place:  Rekindling

2nd place: Johannes Vermeer

3rd place:  Max Dynamite

Stone Motherless (last):  Gallante


I'll tally up all the players points now and update the post with everybody's final "winnings".


UPDATED - Final tallies are as follows (if your name isn't here, your horses didn't win.  But at least they didn't come dead last either!  ;-)


Obsidian Blue: 1 point for Max Dynamite

Darth Pony: 3 points for Rekindling

Person of Interest: 3 points for Rekindling

Themis-Athena:  2 points for Johannes Vermeer

Lillelara:  3 points - 2 points for Johannes Vermeer and 1 point for Max Dynamite

Char's Horror Corner:  1 point for Max Dynamite


Congratulations to all the winners!  See ya next year!