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Grave Errors - Carol J. Perry

Something about unremitting back pain has made me crave cozies, and as I was searching through my TBR cozies a few days ago, I started to grab this one, because... Halloween!


But then I got to this bit in the synopsis:

Lee Barrett has returned for a second year to the teaching staff of the Tabitha Trumbull Academy of the Arts—affectionately known around Salem as “The Tabby.” Lee is pleased when student Hilda Mendez suggests a way to soften the annual after-Halloween letdown, and at the same time fulfil the history obligation. Hilda thinks it might be fun to get the city involved in observing
Dia de los Muertos. (emphasis mine)


And there's my reading task for Square #1, sorted!  


(I'm using my first instance out of 5 of the Holiday Book Joker.)