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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

4 Years Ago... and 1 month (WINNER!!)

We have a winner! 


There were 109 books in the boxes.  We had soooo many close guesses, but the one that came the closest without going over is: 




Congratulations Lillelara, $50 (usd) of books to you.  PM me with your preference (Ammie card or your book selections and I'll get them ordered from BookDepository).  


I have so much fun doing these - it's almost worth culling my books for (but not quite!).  Thanks to everyone who participated.  :)


@Tannat:  The blue box had 42 books in it.  :D




I found my forever book home, my bibliomecca, my promised land of the printed word, my people. 


4 years ago (and 1 month) I found BookLikes!


I don't have to tell you guys how much I love this place; if Poland-based book sites had cheerleaders, I'd have the biggest set of pom-poms.  But it's not just the wonderful creation David and Joanna gave us in the form of this wonderful platform that has so much potential, it's the community we've created here.  


You guys really are my people - you're all wonderful, kind, funny, interesting and best of all, you put up with me and my half-assed reviews and intermittent librarian nags.  Lest you think I'm getting too gushy, you've also all been hell on my TBR!  You've introduced me to so many wonderful new books in so many new genres I'm seriously thinking of resorting to dewey decimal-ing my bookshelves.  Truly there's not one of you that haven't expanded my reading horizons...and the linear footage of my library shelves.


SO as a direct result of all this horizon expanding I've had to cull my shelves to make room for all the new ones and that means...


Another jellybean book contest!


Easter-cat:  Seriously, wtf are you doing?

Carlito:  Looking for books!


4 boxes of books - a mix of hardcovers, paperbacks and mass-market paperbacks.  First person to correctly guess how many are in the boxes, or comes closest to, without going over wins.  Only one guess per person, please.


Prize:  Well, in the US when I was a kid we got birthday spankings (no, I don't know why, yes it sounds horrid now, but we loved it) and there was always one to grow on.  So, prize is $50 USD worth of books.  If you're an Amazon user, a $50 gift card, if you're not, I'll buy you $50 worth of books from BookDepository and have them shipped to your shipping address of choice.  (I delete these addresses as soon as shipping confirmation arrives.)


Contest ends:  Wednesday, October 25, 9am Australian EST  -  This should be roughly Tuesday night in the USA and... I have absolutely no idea in Europe, but everyone should get about 3 days to submit their answer.  


Good luck to everyone and here's to at least another 4 wonderful years on BookLikes!!!