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Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express - Agatha Christie

My real life book club chose this as the October read, and I admit, I've never before read this Christie classic.  My contrary nature, I suppose.  Plus, I knew how it ended, which dimmed the urgency of reading it.  So too did my dislike of Poirot.


Well, I've read it now and it's as brilliant as every person has ever said it is.  And there were two bonuses for me:  Poirot wasn't as annoying as I've found him in other books - he was, in fact, quite tolerable.  And Mrs. Hubbard blew me away.  Did. not. see. that. coming.


Since I knew how it ended, I tasked myself with trying to pick up all the clues.  Of all of them, I missed only two, I think.  Or at least, only two of the obvious clues.  I suspect if I re-read it I'd find a whole host of character related clues that sailed right over my head.


If you haven't read this yet and you think you might someday be interested, please take my advice and do not let anyone tell you how it ends.  Avoid reading any more reviews, and just read the book.  It will be so much better, so much more brilliant, if you don't know what is coming.