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Spring Cleaning Bibliophile style...

I've been on two weeks holiday and today's the last day; back to the (semi) grind tomorrow.  This makes me very sad.  Offsetting this sadness is the fact that I have the whole day to myself:  MT's playing 18 holes of golf and spending the afternoon at the pub with friends.  Woo Hoo!**  


Since it is spring, and I've been lolling about for the last two weeks***, I thought I should do something resembling cleaning housekeeping.  So I started first thing this morning by running my dishwasher on the maintenance setting with dishwasher cleaning powder, then set up Rosie the robotic swiffer to start plugging away at first dusting, then damp mopping the wood floors.  


Now it's time to get down to the serious cleaning:  I've gone through my TBR and have a stack of short books; ones I think will only take an hour or so to get through, and they are my goal for today.  It's a deliciously gorgeous day outside, perfect for sitting in the garden reading (and cleaning).  


There will be, relative to my regular output, a mini-flood of review-like posts.


Disdain.  I have it.



** This cheering is in no way a reflection on his wonderfulness, but is rather an expression of joy by my inner hermit.


*** This is not strictly true; I spent 4 hours earlier this week doing a cull/clean/re-organise of my shelves.  I now have four boxes of books to get rid of and a teeny, tiny fraction of empty shelf space that will in no way adequately serve the books on my TBR.