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The Golden Age of Murder - Martin Edwards

Having finished Part II, the narrative continues to keep me thoroughly hooked.  The more I learn about Christie and Sayers, the more I realise how back-to-front I got their two personalities.  Berkeley continues to put me off, but I'm more determined than ever to find some of Ronald Knox's work.


What surprises me most is the number of printing errors I'm finding - I swear I don't mean to be nit-picky but I do expect a book of this calibre to be better copy-edited.  I'm more than willing to overlook a missing conjunction or article here and there – sh*t happens – but in one spot it appears sh*t actually happens, as Martin quotes Dorothy L. Sayers as saying, in correspondence with Robert Eustace (her co-writer of Documents in the Case):


[...]If possible the trap should poop off while the villain is away in Town, or something.


Unless there's a whole scatological side to British slang I've so far not been introduced to, this is the kind of error it's hard to imagine getting past so many different sets of eyes.


It was funny though; imagining Sayers saying poop off.