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The Golden Age of Murder - Martin Edwards

Taking away nothing from The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books – because for what it is and what it's meant to be, it is excellent – but this Martin Edwards book is eminently more readable.  This is a narrative history of the golden age of murder and The Detection Club through small biographies of the founding members.  It's very easy to read, but I'm surprised to find myself only 20% of the way through; given the amount of time I've spent with it, I'd normally be much further along.  I take this as evidence that the writing and the subject matter are absorbing enough to slow me down so I can take it all in.


Random thoughts after finishing Part 1:  Sayers sooooo not what I was expecting.  I think I'd have liked her, but she might have been a little too mercenary, even for me (I find her reaction to Conan Doyle's passing ... cold).   Archie Christie was an ass, but I think I already knew that.  Berkeley... I'm getting the feeling no one ever really knew what to think of him and I do mean not one soul, which is regrettable.  But also - jonesing after your brother's wife... not cool.