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Burn for Me (Hidden Legacies, #1)

Burn for Me -  Ilona Andrews

My husband saw the title of this book last night and rolled his eyes so hard they almost fell clean out of his head.  And I agree with him; as a reader who struggles with romance, it was a bit hard to swallow buying a book called Burn for Me.  But I love Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series and her Innkeeper series has hooked me in spite of the sci-fi vibe it sometimes has.


This one didn't disappoint either.  And let me say up front that though this is categorised on the back of the novel as 'paranormal romance', it's definitely not.  It's much more solidly in the urban fantasy category; full of sexual tension but no sex.  The PNR designation might be because of the inevitability of romance in the future books, but so far, this is no more paranormal romance than the Kate Daniels series is.


I like Rogan.  I think the Andrews' team is setting up its readers in this first book, convincing them that Rogan is the anti-hero, but there's enough information sprinkled throughout the text that leads me to believe he is anything but.  He strikes me as a very human and moral character that made the hard calls and took a lot onto himself in order to spare others.  He's not a ball of emotions, certainly - no warm and fuzzies are going to be found coming out of him, but I like him.  He's decisive and expressive in the ways that count.


I also like Nevada, she's neither whiney nor angsty, and she's not the strongest magical person in the room wherever she goes.  So far.  The only thing I didn't like was:


her seemingly purposeful obtuseness concerning her own Prime status - she's a PI for heaven's sake, how is she not putting 2 and 2 together?

(show spoiler)


As much as I got thoroughly and completely sucked into this story, the plot could have been tighter.  There were several moments, looking back, where the storyline wanders or stalls a bit in terms of plot.  This is a lot of book for what amounts to nothing more than a story arc setup.  And I suspect there's a timeline continuity error, but I'd have to re-read the book to be sure (I'm almost certain Nevada heard from Adam after the attack on her house, though she tells the DA she hasn't).  But never once did I get impatient or bored - from cover to cover I never want to put it down.


Thank god I've already bought books 2 and 3.


NB: I read this for the Demons square based on some feedback I'd gotten, and while there are a few small moments of demon here and there, I'm not sure it's enough to really count.  I'm going to conditionally count it while I see if I have anything else that fits better (like book 2 of this series?), though I suspect my TBR is currently light on demons - unless we can count the TBR itself as a demon?  ;) 


Update:  I've changed this to cover the Supernatural square instead.