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Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal - Mary Roach

On the advice of a fellow buddy reader I skipped chapter 8 (I bow out when animals and scientific inquiry converge) but I liked chapter 9 and 10 a lot (I did skip something about a lion in chapter 9, only a couple of paragraphs though).  


These chapters covered how much a human or animal can eat - some predators have compliant stomachs, allowing for the consumption of pretty that is exponentially larger than the predator (snakes) and some are not (humans).  I found it interesting, even though a lot of it is still speculative; science can't say for certain why some people can eat upwards of 15 pounds of food at one sitting and others...can't. 


Gulp is definitely a general overview of digestive systems across most life, and it's been entertaining so far but I'm looking ahead as I think some of the most interesting stuff is still to come.  I hope anyway.