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Murder Go Round (Witch City Mystery, #4)

Murder Go Round - Carol J. Perry

I feel like this one was longer than it needed to be, and about 2/3 of the way through I was losing patience because I could clearly see where the story was going and the clues were so clearly telegraphed that it was driving me crazy that Lee and her Aunt were being so obtuse.


And then I turned out I was wrong about nearly all of it.  Right direction, wrong track completely.  So game, set and match to Perry.  I still maintain it could have been tighter and shorter though.


In general the series and this book are good solid cozies:  great setting, likeable characters with realistic expectations (no 'police are dumb' here) and so far, pretty well crafted mysteries.  Maybe a tad too long, but I'm on board for the next one.