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If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't)

If You Ask Me (And of Course You Won't) - Betty White

I couldn't get this in audio here in Australia - which was my first choice - but I did run across a used copy of the hardcover at a sale, so I was finally able to read this.


It's a very fast read, made up of individual essays covering what is, I'm guessing, the most popular topics she's asked about.  Her stories regarding her career and her celebrity were interesting and sometimes laugh out loud funny, but I was really in it for the stories about her involvement with animals.  I was not disappointed.


I admit Betty White didn't interest me one way or the other until she became the fully employed actress in her 80s that she is (was - she's in her 90s now); she has become the poster woman, along with my mom, Betty White's contemporary, for how to age with grace and independence.  I hope I'm lucky enough to have my mom's health and Ms. White's humour and enthusiasm for life when (if) I hit my 80th decade and beyond.