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Of Books and Bagpipes (Scottish Bookshop, #2)

Of Books and Bagpipes - Paige Shelton

Definitely not as good as the first one, but if you're looking for a mystery steeped in a Scottish setting, you might be able to overlook a few weaknesses.


As much as I love the setting - Edinburgh, in a bookshop - and I generally like all the characters a lot, the tone of the MC's 'investigating' didn't work for me at all.  Her need to know came across feeling super entitled; even when a thread to the mystery was tenuous at best, she'd just bluntly expect people to divulge their deepest secrets.


And the secrets behind this mystery plot are pretty deep and definitely dark, in spite of the bright cozy feel of the story overall.  The plotting of the mystery was excellent as the author wove a very intricate and detailed plot that went back 50 years.


There's a lot to like here, but I do wish the author could find a better balance for her main character, or at least create a backstory that justifies her invasiveness.  Doing so would elevate these mysteries a clear step above the average.