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My BookLikes-opoly read for July 18 - Paradise Pier

The Dead Witness: A Connoisseur's Collection of Victorian Detective Stories - Michael Sims

I rolled last night last thing before heading to bed, so my post didn't include my choice.  After scouring the TBRs, I came across this anthology of Victorian mysteries.


I'm going to play a bit fast and loose with the DNF rule and Moonlight Reader or Obsidian Blue can smack me down if it's not an acceptable adaptation.  I don't intend to read the entire anthology - it's about 600 pages thick and there are quite a few stories, or excepts from stories, that I've already read.  So I'm going to read what I can between today and tomorrow night, when I can roll again.  I'll keep track of the number of pages I read to determine my dollars earned, and review the stories I read.


Having said all that, I read the editor's introduction last night and I'm looking forward to quite a few stories that are included.  There's one that's written before Poe's creation of Dupin; a bit of a lost treasure that is a serious contender for earliest example of a murder mystery - it's never been reprinted until it's inclusion in this anthology.  There's also a mystery by Mark Twain - no question that must be read.