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Booklikes-opoly: Turn 33 (July 9)

I was eligible to roll on Friday, but so busy, it just blew right on by.  So my roll today is:




I'm going with one of my book sale finds from yesterday:  Mistress of Mellyn by Victoria Holt.  I don't know if it's tagged suspense on GoodReads, and I can't be bothered to check, frankly, but the cover clearly states "A world-wide bestseller - a haunting novel of suspense".   Good enough for me.


My second roll (because the first was doubles) is a:


I'll look at the piles, but this one is likely a pass.  Actually, I just remembered I have the last Innkeeper book from Ilona Andrews in my TBR pile.  That must qualify for Science Fiction - it definitely has the characters jumping from planet to planet, and it has alien races in it.  One Fell Sweep by Ilona Andrews.



Mistress of Mellyn - Victoria HoltTo become a governess was the only course open to a sensitive, lonely Victorian girl. But tempestuous, attractive Martha hated the idea. When she first met the arrogant Con TreMellyn and his resentful daughter in their cold, brooding Cornish house, she understood why her predecessors had left.

As Martha listened to the innuendo in the conversations of neighbours and servants she became aware that the house held dark secrets...only her love for the child made her stay, made her try to solve the mysteries which shrouded their lives in tragedy and solitary gloom - But even as she searched, she was drawn nearer to the danger which threatened her innocent life...




One Fell Sweep - Ilona Andrews Dina DeMille may run the nicest Bed and Breakfast in Red Deer, Texas, but she caters to very particular kind of guest… the kind that no one on Earth is supposed to know about. Guests like a former intergalactic tyrant with an impressive bounty on her head, the Lord Marshal of a powerful vampire clan, and a displaced-and-superhot werewolf; so don’t stand too close, or you may be collateral damage.

But what passes for Dina’s normal life is about to be thrown into chaos. First, she must rescue her long-distant older sister, Maud, who’s been exiled with her family to a planet that functions as the most lawless penal colony since Botany Bay. Then she agrees to help a guest whose last chance at saving his civilization could bring death and disaster to all Dina holds dear. Now Gertrude Hunt is under siege by a clan of assassins. To keep her guests safe and to find her missing parents, Dina will risk everything, even if she has and may have to pay the ultimate price. Though Sean may have something to say about that.