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Deck the Hallways (Fixer-Upper Mystery, #3)

Deck the Hallways - Kate Carlisle

Disappointing.  I generally like Carlisle's writing and characters, and the first two book were pretty good but this one was just... not.


I was originally worried I was going to find the premise tedious - MCs dad framed for murder, - but it turns out that was actually one of the best parts.  I thought the love interest was beyond ridiculous with the most overplayed, flimsiest and most contrived love-obstacle I've ever read.  Further, I don't like the love interest; the author created a triangle from the start and now she's stuck her mc with the flash instead of the substance.


The murder mystery was just not that interesting; she created a murder victim that was so vile and hated nobody cared who killed him - including the reader.  An attempt at a sub-plot concerning an abandoned baby was so bad and so transparent it wasn't worth the paper and ink it used.  Sorry, but it was so hideously contrived to be a Hallmark Christmas moment that it failed to be touching.  It was also so far outside the realm of realistic that I couldn't suspend my disbelief enough.


I'm a tried and true fan of Carlisle's Bibliophile mystery series, but I think I'm stopping this series here.  At least until someone can tell me it improves dramatically from here, and the mc dumps the famous git.






Pages:  293

$$:  6.00