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One of Our Thursdays Is Missing - Jasper Fforde

About ten degrees upslope of Fiction, I could see our nearest neighbour:  Artistic Criticism.  It was an exceptionally beautiful island, yet deeply troubled, confused and suffused with a blanketing layer of almost impenetrable bullshit.


When Fforde is at the top of his game, I do so love his writing.


So far, as the title reads, one of the Thursdays is missing.  The RealWorld Thursday, to be precise.  That means that to this point at least, everything is taking place in the BookWorld, which has been remade to adhere to a geographical model instead of the library model.  I'm not sure I like that - I loved the idea of a never ending library, and just where is the Cheshire Cat???


And don't get me started on Pickwick.  :-/