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BookLikes-opoly update for June 16

Well, my planned Booklike-opoly reading while on holiday was pretty much a fail as I didn't even manage to finish a single book while I was gone.  This is bad news for my Booklikes-opoly balance, but great news for the success of my vacation, since it meant I was having too much fun to experiencing New Zealand to want to stay inside and read.


Since there's no way I'm going to catch up with any of those reads, with the exception of Platypus, which I made myself finish before starting The Circular Staircase, I'm going to call the rest of the spaces a wash.


My last roll was to have covered Wednesday, June 14th, which leaves me ready to roll again today, but with the new Shake-up rules and the Free Friday reads, I'm going to put off my next roll until tomorrow, so I can relax and enjoy The Circular Staircase (my first Free Friday read).


I'll roll again tomorrow and update all my stuff.