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BookLikes-opoly: Turn 21, 22, 23, and 24 (June 8, 10, 12 and 14th) - EDITED because I screwed up.

EDIT:  This is what happens when you don't pay close attention to the rules.  I mixed up the criteria for the Free Parking Space with the Go! space and this consequently alters my play from June 12th onwards.  I've edited my post below to show the changes in moves.  Thanks Ani's Book Abyss for catching my mistake!


This weekend is the weekend Aussies celebrate the Queen's birthday, never mind that Queen Elizabeth was born in April, and we've decided to stretch the long weekend into a trip to New Zealand.  Cuz apparently when we're freezing at home our solution is to go somewhere even colder.  


I'm not sure how much internet time or access I'm going to have (we're travelling with family), so I'm going to make all my rolls now, so I know which books to pack.  If I can't meet the reading schedule because I'm having too much fun (finger's crossed) then I'll adjust this post to reflect what actually happened.  As we're travelling with our 5 and 7 year old nieces, it's entirely likely I won't be able to read all the books, but better too many books than not enough, right?


Today's official roll is:






I rolled a 7 for the BookLikes, allowing me to double the dollars on my next read, but I can't read anything until Saturday.  My Saturday, June 10th roll will be:



That's a new one for me - I'll be digging through the piles to find something for this one; possibly a non-fiction since I'm pretty sure I have a book about platypuses that would fit the exotic animal requirement nicely.


If I make it through that one by Monday, my Monday, June 12th (Happy Birthday-not-Bithday to Queen E. II!) roll will be:



A book of my choice, plus another roll for the doubles which gives me:

EDITED 9 June:  Free parking space is a roll-to-go-to space, so I've rolled to determine my space and I got:

which is an even number which means OMG I get to go to the electric company!  Woop!


I still get to roll again, because of the doubles, but I'm going to keep that original second roll and just nudge the space it takes me too, which is now:




SO. MUCH. BETTER - I have a non-fiction book about Abraham Lincoln I've been itching to read but have held off in case I landed on this square.  Again, I say Woop!


Oh, that's not gonna happen.  I'll see if I can find a book/author to do the letters in SPACE, but if not, no stress.  More snowball fights with MT!


That brings me to my Wednesday, June 14th roll which will also be known as the "what MbD reads while stuck on airplanes for 7 hours" roll (alas, no direct flights home were available):


EDITED: Again, I'll keep the roll but adjust the space.  9 puts me on:




OMG... are you freaking kidding me with this???  I am DOOMED to land on this space every time I reach the bottom of the board.  You know why?  Because I'm DYING to land on the Electric Company space and read one of my STEM books, dammit!  Gah!


Hmm...  not a hard one, but not sure what I'll go with here, I'll have to adjust my to-pack stack and hit the TBR piles again.


Edit: My planned buddy read with Moonlight Reader, starting Wednesday, of The Circular Staircase by Mary Roberts Rinehart will still go ahead as planned, I'll just be reading it outside the Monopoly game, in parallel with my game reads.


That will bring me home and, if I can figure out how to hit the camera button with big fat snow gloves on, a picture or two to torture y'all with.  :)


I'll do edit my chosen books in a separate, edited post, once I've picked which ones I'm reading.