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Reluctantly Charmed

Reluctantly Charmed - Ellie O'Neill

I didn't think I'd make it through this book at first.  Well, that's not completely accurate; I thought the first 10% or so was really intriguing.  I liked the idea of an inheritance hinged upon the publication of 1 letter each week.  But then it stated to get a bit weird with the whole fairy thing and how obsessed people got about it.  


What kept me hooked had nothing to do with the fairies, or her magic (which was never really fleshed out in detail).  I kept reading because I found the story of instant fame and celebrity thrust upon someone who is not the least bit interested in it compelling.  In this respect the story is moving and powerful as Kate completely loses control of her own life and identity.  There's romance here too, but so slow burning it's almost back-burnered most of the time.


An odd story, written well enough, with an exploration of the destructive powers the public can wield.  






Total pages:  433

$$:  $5.00