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Murder by Death

I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

Signs you might be spending too much time on BookLikes...



Just kidding about the spending too much time on BookLikes part!  I don't know what I'd do with myself if I didn't have this book haven to spend time in.  Probably become a hooligan or, you know, read more books.  Except I'd never find so many great books if it weren't for y'all, so hooliganism it is!


Seriously though, the point of this post was to thank everyone out there for submitting improvements and new books to the database, and taking all my and other librarians' nagging and hints on-board.  You've all made it so much easier to whip through the queue each day by providing as much information as you can, including source links.  You can't believe how much we appreciate it.


A perfect book database will be a never-ending task of a Sisyphean magnitude, but I hope everyone has started to see some small improvements here and there as all the librarians chip away at the records.  And if you see something that's not right - report, report, report!  ;-)