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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

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This is why I love this game.  I saw this and thought 'oh crap, I don't have anything that's going to fit'; I love a mystery, but not so much a police procedural.  But I went and looked at my TBR pile, and there, at the bottom of a stack, was a book I've been ignoring for years.  Without this game, I'd probably have gone on ignoring it indefinitely - not because I think it'll be bad, but because it's become too familiar in the pile.  Now, it's going to get read and shelved with its brethren where it belongs.  My read:  Evanly Bodies by Rhys Bowen, featuring Evan Evans, a police constable in Wales.


Evanly Bodies - Rhys Bowen Detective Constable Evan Evans and his new bride, Bronwen, are settling into married life in their little cottage above the village of Llanfair when they meet the daughter of one of the village's newest families, a sixteen-year-old Pakistani girl named Jamila.


Bronwen and Jamila are becoming good friends when Jamila finds out from her parents that they have arranged a marriage for her back in Pakistan. Evans tries to convince her family not to enforce the custom, arguing that Jamila is a normal Welsh teenager, but just as the tensions increase, the girl suddenly vanishes. Bronwen is distraught, but there's no trace of her. 


At work, Evans is investigating the murder of a man shot to death through the open window of his home while eating breakfast. After the man's wife is jailed as a suspect, a second man is killed---and then a third---and Evans and his team are on the hunt for a serial killer. But they can't seem to find any connections between the three men…. In the surprising climax of Edgar Award finalist Rhys Bowen's tenth Constable Evans mystery, Evans risks everything to solve the murders and discover what happened to Jamila.  Page count: 210