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First time visitors to the garden...

We looked out back yesterday to find this guy and his buddy in our apricot tree.  They're always out and about in the really big canopy trees our neighbours have but they've never graced us with a visit before now.  This morning we had 6 of them sitting just outside our back doors, and I spent a good half hour taking hundreds of photos, while Easter-cat and Carlito stared agog at the Skittles-with-wings (Carlito from inside, because frankly, he's a wuss).


It took forever to choose the picture I wanted to share here, but ultimately I decided on this one, where the Lorikeet is giving Easter-cat the side-eye (she's directly beneath, flattened out, and trying her hardest to watch the bird through the tops of her ears).


Rainbow Lorikeet, giving the evil-eye to the rainbow colored cat beneath him.