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How to: Adding BL linked book covers and/or text links into the body of your posts.

I think a lot of us know how to do this, but I think there are an equal number of BL'ers out there that don't know about this useful tip for putting BL-linked book covers and title/author links into the body of your posts.


It's easy, but it's not obvious at all.  It's also not the most stream-lined process, if you think about it, but it works really well and here's how to do it.


Create your post and use the "+" to Add Book, up at the top (I'm calling this the BookLikes book bar for the sake of this tutorial) to add a book from either the BookLikes database or your bookshelves.  Even though you don't necessarily want the book there, you need it there temporarily - you'll remove it later (unless you're me, in which case you'll forget every time and have to go back to remove it).


Once your book is added up in the BookLikes bar, hover your mouse over it and you'll notice three small buttons appear on top of the cover (depending on how busy the cover art is, one or all of these can be hard to spot).  I used a coverless book to make them easy to see:




When you're ready to insert your cover or your link, make sure the cursor is where you want them to go, and click on the appropriate little popup button.  They will instantly produce a cover or a link in your post, wherever the cursor is.


Once you're finished, use the 'x' to remove the book cover from your BookLikes bar, unless you want two cover images of the same book in your post.



1.  You can do this for as many books as you'd like - just add them to the book bar first.  If you want to add more than 10, you'll have to remove them as you go, since 10 is the limit for books added to the BL book bar at any one time.


2.  You can edit the text title/author link.  When you hover over it with your mouse it'll look like it's going to take you to the link, but just ignore that and click in the part you want to edit: the cursor will move there and you can edit without losing the link.  I usually replace the '-' booklikes uses between the title and author with 'by' so it reads nicer.


3.  You can move both the text link and the cover around, but it's easier to move the text link. The text link moves the same way any other text can be moved: cut/paste or highlight/drag.  If you're not comfortable with html enough to feel like you can fix any errors, don't move the cover - just delete it from the post and then place it in its new spot from the BL book bar.  


4.  You can treat the cover link the same way you'd treat any other image:  click on it to highlight it and change its justification (left, right, center, justified) or change it's image attributes using the image button in the format bar.


That's all there is too it - when you're finished, just remember to use the 'x' to remove any covers from the BL bar that you don't want to keep in the finished post.


Happy posting.  :)



ETA:  Well, I did it again - posted and forgot to remove the cover from the book bar.  I am nothing if not consistent.  :P