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Letters From Paris

Letters from Paris - Juliet Blackwell

A Cajun woman who escaped her rough childhood to live the corporate life in Chicago, returns home to take care of her dying grandmother.  While she's there she rediscovers an old death mask in the attic (death masks were made from plaster moulds taken after someone died - it was a thing about a century ago), that leads her to Paris, searching for answers about the elusive face of L'Inconnue.


I really enjoy Juliet Blackwell's writing and this book did not disappoint.  It's not a perfect read; there are moments that aren't followed through at all or very well in the first half of the book, but overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the story.


I bought this for the mystery and the setting; I've read her other book The Paris Key and remembered how vividly she brought Paris to life in my mind.  Paris came to life again here, although the mystery sort of fizzled. (I don't know how to explain it without spoiling so I'll leave it at that.)


The big surprise (for me) was the romance.  It was excellent!  I expected it to be more a suggestion of romance (as she did in her last Paris book), but here it was much more a part of the plot, and it made the book so much better.


What can I say?  I liked it - I'd recommend it.