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Living with Books

Living With Books - Alan Powers

This title has been on my "maybe" shelf for years; the shelf serves for books I need to think about, need more information on, or books I'm only going to buy if I find them used and cheap.  Living with Books met that last condition, as I'd heard it was a bit disappointing overall. 


I'd heard correctly; it's a bit disappointing.  The pictures are great - some really clever solutions and some just gorgeous libraries are included, but the text has less to do with books and libraries than it does about interior design and architectural theory, about which I have mostly derisive opinions.  


I gave it an extra half-star though because it includes a few pages at the back with DIY instructions for making different types of bookcases, and I thought that was a nice touch.  For that reason and the good pics, I'll hang on to my copy, but I"m awfully glad I found it used and cheap.