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Confronting Mt. TBR...

As much as I love printed books, I have to admit I am not in love with the smell of old books.  That musty book smell so many people love just smells... musty to me.  The last few days I've noticed a faint whiff of that used book store smell in my library; admittedly it's been a little neglected of late because I broke my own rule and temporarily stored a piece of furniture in it, making it hard to get around (it's a very small library).


The storage gig ended Friday, so I decided to tackle putting the room to rights today.  Apparently I was in a rather compulsive frame of mind too, because I not only did the standard cleaning but I took every book off the shelves, dusted each one, cleaned and oiled all the shelves, refreshed the sachets I make to keep bugs out, and re-shelved the books, doing a mini-purge as I went.


Then, I tackled the TBR.  Those each got cleaned too, and re-sorted by subject, because I keep forgetting what all I have lurking in those stacks.  I also created a stack of can-read-in-one-day books, hoping for some fast knock-offs (before the new books I ordered arrive - honestly, it's a snake eating its own tail).


So, since this room is probably never going to look this good again, nor my TBR piles be so tidy, I'm posting a few pics, as documented proof of... something.  Hopefully, not liability should my floor cave in and the insurance company gets curious.









What does your TBR look like?  Share your shelves!  :)