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The Name of the Rose - Umberto Eco

Day two is over.


Oh my god the theologising.  So much theologising.  And Latin; my grade school latin was stretched to the breaking point. Tam theologica disceptatione.  I enjoy a good theological debate, but this is not good theological debate; most of this is a pissing contest between characters.  And all due respect to Eco, because it's obvious he wrote brilliantly, but I'm on page 180 and 165 pages of what I've read so far have had nothing to due with the plot.  'Setting and context!' I hear some you say, and to that I say 'overkill!'.


Still and all, day two has brought a dead body, labyrinths, invisible ink, coded texts, hallucinations, illusions and the mythical library, so all is not hopeless, and I'm charging into day three. 


Besides, I have passed my personal point of no return and have reached the point of seeing this as a personal battle of will.  I will not let this book defeat me ::shaking fist::!