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Bookman Dead Style (Dangerous Type, #2)

Bookman Dead Style - Paige Shelton

Good.  Not great, but good.  I like the setting; the shop that fixes typewriters, restores books, does small batch publishing on an old Gutenberg replicate.  I like the characters too, although I'm not really invested in any of them.  I sort of expected this though; I've read two of the author's other series and felt the same way.


The mystery plotting was sketchy; I didn't guess the murderer at all, but I don't think the author made that possible.  For all the sleuthing Clare does, I'm not sure she really finds any clues that are useful to herself or the reader.  She doesn't deduce anything, but rather is lead to the culprit at the end by their own behaviour.


Still, in a market that has become rapidly shallow over the last few years, this is a pleasant, entertaining cozy mystery.  I'll happily read the next one.