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Clean Sweep (Innkeeper Chronicles, #1)

Clean Sweep -  Ilona Andrews

I'm a huge fan of Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series and had heard nothing but great things about this first book of a new series about a special kind of innkeeper offering sanctuary to all kinds.


The rave reviews are well earned - it is a great story with very intriguing characters.  The Andrews team takes a whole different spin on werewolves and vampires, and I'm in love with the sentient inn named Gertrude.  It's a great plot, fast paced and well written (although with more than a few copy writing errors).  I was very invested in all three main characters.


The only reason I didn't rate it higher (besides the poor copy writing), is purely subjective.  This story is a blending of traditional urban fantasy with its magic and paranormal entities, and science fiction.  My friends know I really don't like science fiction, especially if it's the outer space variety.  it just leaves me flat and disinterested, so whenever this story touched on those parts of its world building I tended to disengage.


Not enough to avoid reading the second book though; they had me at tall, broad and blond (the vampire), and really, I am besotted with that house.