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Leonardo da Vinci's Remarkable Machines

Leonardo da Vinci's Remarkable Machines - David Hawcock

After finally finding a copy of another Leonardo Da Vinci pop up book and falling in love all over again, I... might have gone on a little pop up shopping spree.  3 of the 4 I bought arrived today and I started with this one.


It's beautiful; it's hard to tell from the cover here, but that center image is a piece of paper art, set into a shadow box, so the front cover is about an inch or so thick.  The layout is so very nicely done and the writing was good - I'd even go so far as to say it's more slanted towards an older audience, rather than children.


The text focuses on Da Vinci's work outside of the art he's so justifiably famous for.  Each page is devoted to warfare, architecture, flight, machines and robotics.


The pop-ups are less elaborate than some, but still gorgeous:




Highly recommended for pop up fans and the art loving inner child.