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i before e (except after c): Old School Ways to Remember Stuff

I Before E (Except After C): Old School Ways To Remember Stuff - Judy Parkinson

Who doesn't use:


Thirty days hath September, 

April, June and November,

all the rest have thirty-one...


to remind themselves which months have 30, 31 or 28 days?


This book is nothing but mnemonics like the above, for just about everything: spelling, grammar, mathematics, history, science, health and a few other odds and ends.


My mom used to teach me mnemonics as a little kid; mostly for spelling. (Geography and Mississippi.)  My dad taught me one for weather.  They were incredibly helpful for a kid trying to remember things that felt huge.  The geography and weather mnemonics, or variations of them, made it into the book, but am I the only one who learned how to spell Mississippi by saying:


M, I, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, I, crooked-letter, crooked-letter, I, hump-back, hump-back, I?


Anyway, this was a fun, quick read for a language lover and there were quite a few useful aides here for future Trivial Pursuit challenges.