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Freckle Juice!!

Freckle Juice - Judy Blume, Sonia O. Lisker

I've been giving into nostalgia the last few months and picking up copies of Blume's adolescent books for myself, but stopped short of the children's books.  Until one day my sister in law was looking for kids books with a chemistry bent and Freckle Juice popped into my head.  It's not chemistry, exactly, but it does involve kitchen chemistry.  Once it was in my head I had to find a copy.


It's even better than I remember!  It's going to be fun reading this to my nieces; I'd almost swear Judy Blume wrote it for the express purpose of reading it aloud.  As always she captures what it was to be a kid and think what you don't have is cooler than what you do.


A fun read for younger kids and with the exception of the affects of inflation (10 cents a week allowance anyone?), the book is pretty timeless.